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Unveiling Kevin Nealon's Hidden Talent:
The Artistic Brilliance Beyond Comedy

Welcome to the captivating world of Kevin Nealon, a name synonymous with laughter and entertainment. While most people recognize him for his hilarious portrayals on shows like
"Weeds" and his iconic stint on "Saturday Night Live," a secret
talent has been lurking behind the scenes. Unbeknownst to many, Kevin Nealon is
an exceptionally talented artist, whose mastery of the brush and keen eye for
detail, will be captivating the art world. Join us as we delve into the
extraordinary artistic journey of Kevin Nealon, a man whose comedic genius
transcends beyond the stage.

From Comedy to Canvas:

Throughout his illustrious career in comedy, Kevin Nealon has brought joy and laughter to countless
individuals worldwide. But behind the scenes, he has been passionately honing
his skills as an artist, channeling his creativity onto the canvas. David
Smith, famed art publisher, was one of the fortunate few to stumble upon
Kevin's hidden talent as he released it. Smith was immediately captivated by
the intricate detail and the unique way in which Nealon portrayed caricatures
of comedians, celebrities, most his close friends. Smith knew immediately he
wanted his works in their Galleries.

Exaggerated My Brushes with Fame:

Want a glimpse into Kevin's Artistic Universe? One of the remarkable creations that showcases Kevin
Nealon's artistic prowess is his book, "Exaggerated My Brushes with
Fame." This captivating masterpiece offers an intimate look into the world
of Kevin's art, accompanied by delightful anecdotes that highlight his
experiences in the entertainment industry and the subjects he paints. From the
subtle nuances of each stroke to the impeccable attention to facial
expressions, Nealon's caricatures are an embodiment of his sharp wit and deep
understanding of the comedic world.

Unveiling the Artistic Brilliance. 


As Kevin Nealon steps onto the artistic stage, the world eagerly awaits this solo exhibition, scheduled to
debut at the DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal Gallery on June 18 in Maui. This highly
anticipated event promises to be a celebration of Nealon's artistic brilliance,
where fans, art enthusiasts, and admirers can experience firsthand the magic
that unfolds when comedy merges with art. Following the Maui exhibition,
Nealon's artwork will continue to enchant audiences as he plans to showcase his
talent in Laguna and other cities, with dates to be determined.

The Legacy Continues:

While Kevin Nealon's artistic talents may have remained hidden for years, they have now come to the
forefront, adding yet another layer of brilliance to his already impressive
repertoire. By successfully blending comedy and art, Nealon has carved a unique
path for himself in the entertainment industry, leaving a legacy for future
generations of performers and artists.

Kevin Nealon's journey from the world of comedy to the realm of art is a testament to his multifaceted
talents. With a brush in hand, he unveils a side of himself that had remained
concealed, captivating audiences with his extraordinary ability to capture the
essence of his subjects through caricatures. As Nealon prepares to embark on this
new passion in his life and introduce the world to his captivating artwork, we
eagerly anticipate the unique blend of laughter and artistic brilliance that he
will undoubtedly bring to the forefront in our Galleries.

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