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"The Artists of Tomorrow.....Today"

David Smith created this company to distribute and promote what he coined "The Artists of Tomorrow...... Today!"  He looks for Artists, using new art techniques, that are unique to bring styles you will not find anywhere else.

"There is an abundance of talent that is unrecognized in the Art World due mostly to the short sited, stuck in their ways, gallery community. There is a belief that if it hasn't been done before it isn't Art. Well we the Artists and Publisher have proven them wrong over and over. When I hear from an Artist that no galleries will take them, I become very interested. It is either because they do suck, or they are so innovative, that stuffy old Galleries don't get it. Well I get it, and I seem to have good taste in art, probably because I knew nothing about what art was "supposed" to be."


"I think its funny when I start an artist, I am told that the Artist and Art isn't good enough by a Gallery. Then years after I make them famous the same Galleries are trying hard to find any artists, now copying the style of the Artist that created it. I guess to show how innovative they are years after we started the movement. I guess ego overpowers good business decisions."

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David Smith has discovered and

kicked off the gallery careers of:

Michael Godard

Chris DeRubeis

Patrick Guyton

Michael "Romero" Duran

Matt Beyrer

Ashton Howard (with Chris DeRubeis)


Josh Roman (with Chris DeRubeis)


And has Published or distributed 

Christian Lassen

Craig Tracy 


Smith has focused on one thing over the two decades, innovation. We have put all of our energy into finding the most innovative artist that have created their own genre of art to guarantee that you wont find anything else like it anywhere else. Through the constant changing world of art one thing has remained the same, Artist Group Ink continues to bring you the most captivating art in the industry. David Smith has never succumbed to the influence of traditional art, he's a visionary and has found a way to share that with all of us. 

Michael Godard "The Rock Star of the Art World" was my first discovery.I remember calling him and saying "We are going to make a lot of money!" when he asked why I think that?, I stated "because other artists are refusing to show in the same gallery, one even said. I won't show my art with crap like that!"  1 year later we were doing $10mil in sales and had sold 36,000 limited edition prints... I guess the public must have really bad taste!"

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Dave Godard.png

Smith sold his 56% ownership of Michael Godard Fine Art to Michael Godard at the end of 2006, they had 12 corporate or licensed galleries in North America.

Silver Steel Plate

From Rock Star to Metal

In 2007, David Smith met Chris DeRubeis. DeRubeis was a struggling artist that had developed his own unique style of art he called Abstract Sensualism®.  When Smith saw DeRubeis's works at an art Expo in 2007, he asked Chris "You can't get in galleries can you?" when DeRubeis confirmed it, Smith stated "Its because you are too far ahead of your time. Let me do this".  Thus began a partnership that has gone more than 15 years.  Smith moved to Maui and took over a gallery called Avalon and began selling DeRubeis's works.  It went so well Smith called Chris to ask him if he can change the name of the gallery to "DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal".  This really kicked off DeRubeis, and soon Smith began picking up so many accounts he had to leave Maui and come back to the mainland just to help Chris keep up. the was May of 2008. Three months before the 2008 Financial Crisis began. 


Forget that for now, the Art World had no preparation for these two maniacs!


Now Metal to Heavy Metal

In 2008 when hiring an art assistant for DeRubeis, Patrick Guyton walked into his life. Guyton is one of the most talented artists on the planet. He know practically every art style ever used. Beyond knowing it, he has mastered most.  Smith signed him immediately.  the first two art shows they did sold almost all of the Art, and things looked bright.  His self created Gilded Modernism® using Silver Gold or Copper Leaf put him on the map.

Since this time Guyton and Smith's sense of adventure has taken them world wide and Guyton's originals have sold for more than a quarter million dollars.  They have ridden Dirt Bikes and Harleys all over the world, while selling the fantastic work of Patrick Guyton. 


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