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Art from the Hearts  No Art-Art Show

Thursday Night we will be doing a Live Event in Las Vegas.  At this event we will be posting live on all social media channels.  We have a new technology that is being released and in honor of that our artists have created works specifically for this event. 


For the first time, we will be showing you something that has never been seen before and is going to revolutionize how you buy product in the Future.  


In celebration of this we will be supporting many different charities from our own personal ones to many celebrities that are behind what we are doing and will be sharing this on their own channels.   Thursday 6pm on all social platforms.  Artist Group Ink.  Bringing you the Artists (and Tech) of Tomorrow….. Today.



For the social media influencers, if you are willing to share and promote our live and rebroadcasts, you will receive your own Affiliate Code and will get 10% of all sales generated using your Affiliate Discount code (it also gives 30% off the Artwork so they will want to use it).  We will be giving 15% of all sales to charity, and we can include yours from your code or can let the consumer pick one.


Last if you have others that have a Social Following and you contact them, you will get 5% of all the sales generated from those affiliate codes.    Our products sell between $1500-$25,000 but for the first time we have product that sells for $199 and using your affiliate code it will sell for $140.


The tech being released uses an iPhone to Augment Reality artwork on your wall at the exact size, so you can try it, put on you wall prior to buying.   Here is a link to place, walk up close and go sideways, in fact turn around and face a different direction, it will be there still when you face it again.


This should generate massive interest and our art show is a NO ART art show that will be in 8 Galleries that have taken down their artwork and will have blank walls.  This will be a fun event and could generate thousands of sales worldwide.


To signup, go to this link and we will send you an affiliate code later today.  In addition, if you can get someone to sign up, contact me directly so you get attached to their code also.


All we want you to do is share our streams as many times as you can, insta-won’t be live it will be after.  Mention that you want your followers to watch this as it is insanely cool and put the Affiliate code in you text line, so they get the discount.  Nothing more.  More info will follow in a follow up email.  March 2nd is coming up.  Let’s make a difference.

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